Scrubs | Slough off dead skin in all the places we can’t reach! 

  • Back Scrub Treatment …. $20.00
  • Hand & Foot Scrub … $15.00
  • Hand OR Foot Scrub … $10.00

Hydrating Lip Treatment

  • Hydrating Lip Treatment … $8.00

Under Eye Collagen Treatment | Helps with puffy eyes, dark circles, brightens and refreshes the look of the skin tone.

  • Under Eye Collagen Treatment … $10.00

Warming Eye Mask | Shut your mind off during your session by wearing a heated eye mask. This eye mask will help soothe tired eyes.

  • Warming Eye Mask … $10.00
***Aromatherapy is complimentary in each session. Please indicate if you have any allergies to oils***